Brag letter


Managing Editor Theresa Flaherty wins the award for most interesting stories for the upcoming March issue.

Let’s start with the front page. Theresa wrote a story about Med-Care Diabetic Supply being raided by the FBI. This is the same Med-Care whose president was subpoenaed by a senator in 2013 to testify about the company’s marketing practices.

As you move through the issue to the Providers section, you’ll see that Theresa wrote a story about Lincare accelerating its M&A strategy. This follows the news that Rotech and AeroCare are buying again. Who doesn’t like to read a good story about a national?

Also in the Providers section, you’ll see that Theresa wrote a story about FullCircle Medical Supplies, which plans to acquire several DME providers for stock, notes and cash. Is the buyer long on vision, but short on cash, she asks?

Then as you move to Theresa’s bread and butter, the Specialty Providers section, you’ll find a story on Walgreens’ decision to sell a majority stake in its home infusion business and a look at the M&A market for home infusion in the wake of the news (hint: It’s still hot).

I don’t mean to give short shrift to Associate Editor Tracy Orzel. After all, I sent her on a wild goose chase, when she tweeted a story about naming repair techs as one of the best jobs and I suggested she turn it into a story for the Providers section. Turn it into a story she did—one that landed on the front page of the March issue. Bravo.

As for me, I couldn’t help but write a couple of stories for the Vendors section about two startups that are bending the idea of bent mental: WHILL with its space agey looking personal mobility device and Metamason with its 3-D scanning and printing produced custom CPAP masks.

I’m mentioning all these things, dear reader, in case you’ve forgotten that the stories that you read in HME News you won’t read anywhere else.