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Company’s goal is to improve all aspects of DME business operations utilizing a single, integrated, comprehensive software platform
Friday, February 28, 2020

SeriousERP has developed the ideal DME ERP solution by collaborating with DME experts and addressing the operational challenges dealt with daily, both in the office and in the field.

Among the DME providers who approached Orestes Rivero, CEO of Multiplayer World, to build the software is Brian Burns, COO of AdvaCare Systems, who was determined to find a customized solution that would provide the right functionality, price, scalability and support.

“It quickly became apparent that SeriousERP was far superior than the competition and that it fit the bill in every way,” Burns said. “It literally relieves many of the challenges DMEs face daily.”

Among the specific functions Burns says he appreciates are:

Field Technician App

Paperless order completion with real-time data synchronization. The benefit of this function, Burns says, is that it saves time and expense eliminating paper tickets and delays in order updates.

Auto-reconciliation of Orders

“Eliminates manual ticket processing and, in our case, reduced headcount as well. Orders flow to billing faster to avoid delays at month end."

Inventory Management

The SeriousERP inventory functionality is precise and robust with a "parent" (Master) to "many-child" (Instances) relationship to track product from receipt to delivery.

“Granular inventory control is crucial for managing assets and improves asset recovery,” Burns said.

Order Management Module

The nucleus of customer service, with detailed order content and integrated dispatch. Burns calls it “THE tool for call center intake operation.”

Product Maintenance Queues

Warehouse management to track all assets as they process through the cleaning, repair and testing stages. Track timeliness of asset turnaround.

Customer Profiles and Contract Management

Critical for managing asset and pricing mix with all relevant customer-related details for SNF (long-term care) fee-for-service, hospice PPD, rental, sale, risk caps and more.

In short: “We use SeriousERP for every aspect of our operations from order processing and dispatch, billing, purchasing and inventory management, customer and contract management, warehousing, reporting, and web-based customer online ordering,” Burns said. “It is the backbone of our organization from an operations and business processing perspective.”

Founded in 2000, Multiplayer World owns more than 400 servers. They do this to avoid outsourcing data or putting it on the cloud, thus giving their data a layer of isolation and added security.

Because Multiplayer World “is a software development company and not a sales agency,” Rivero says his team is dedicated to updating and enhancing the SeriousERP system at least four times per year. The goal, he says, is “to achieve 100% customer satisfaction and address every pain point.”

As AdvaCare’s business evolves, Burns says he appreciates the frequency of SeriousERP upgrades.

“With constant attention to software enhancements and added functionality, we are confident the SeriousERP platform will continue to outshine the competition and further our growth efforts,” he said.