Onehealth Solutions helps diabetes patients do 360

Friday, January 3, 2014

HOLLAND, Mich. – Mike Archambault dislikes the term wellness.

“I prefer the term health management because it includes everything,” said Archambault, CEO of Onehealth Solutions, which offers diabetes supplies, education and support through its Diabetic 360 program.

The company recently signed contracts with HMC Healthworks and Liiv, both health management providers. Onehealth will work with the companies to understand their objectives for improving employee health. Diabetes compliance is always one of the top concerns, says Archambault.

Onehealth analyzes claims data and surveys employees to gauge age groups, company culture and other factors that drive behavior. It then tailors a health management program for that company that includes regular communication with members, as well as programs like a six-week fitness challenge to make it fun, said Archambault.

“This is a very dry subject and it’s hard to really get people to participate unless you understand what motivates them,” he said. “When people start getting engaged, compliance goes way up and it saves money.”

Onehealth estimates it saves $16 per member per month—a substantial number for a large company, says Archambault.

An important piece of the puzzle is the supplies themselves. Through its mail-order supply partner, Onesource, Onehealth offers a wide range of brands at discounts to members.

“The cost of supplies is a big issue,” said Archambault. “The bigger the cost, the higher the noncompliance. The financial savings is a enough of a motivator for a large percentage of diabetics.”