Equipment management: Strategize your warehousing

Q. How can 3PL equipment warehousing improve my business?
Friday, December 21, 2018

A. When using vendors that combine equipment service and warehousing for your medical devices, you can move inventory around in a much more controlled and efficient manner. Below are a few ways these capabilities can improve your business.

Reduced turnaround time on service

Right now, your team likely sends in a device for service, and then waits for it to come back. With more integrated programs that incorporate warehousing, when your staff initiates an RMA for a device needing preventative maintenance, a patient-ready replacement from a warehoused pool of product is sent back. This drastically reduces your branch’s time needed to deal with the service transaction. 

Often, the replacement device will be delivered on the same truck that is coming to pick up the device needing service. This would reduce the turnaround time to zero.

Deployments to fill new equipment needs

When one branch needs more Trilogies, is your team collaborating on how to shift them around effectively to keep your capital dollars at optimum utilization? The answer is often no.

Far too often branches stockpile. New patient demand turns into new purchases with manufacturers before a good assessment is done to see how you can better utilize your current fleet.

With warehousing programs all excess equipment is warehoused in distributed warehouses across the country. From there, the fleet can move around with more visibility and control. With the right systems in place to keep track of it all, you can truly transform your operational workflows to something much more virtual and much more controlled.

All of this leads to better utilization of your capital expenditures and more efficient processes for your team, making the whole operation more productive.