Healogics campaigns for diabetes awareness

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Healogics has launched a campaign to raise awareness of early intervention and specialized care for diabetes-related chronic wounds as part of November’s Diabetes Awareness Month. Throughout Oct. 28-Nov. 1, Healogics Wound Care Centers across the country will visit local physician offices to provide information that can help at-risk patients living with diabetes detect wounds earlier, receive better treatment options when wounds are discovered, and avoid complications, such as infections, amputations and decreased quality of life. “In support of November’s Diabetes Awareness Month, we want to share a message of education, hope and healing in every community we serve,” said David Bassin, CEO. Healogics’ recommendations for preventing diabetic foot ulcers include stopping smoking, getting comprehensive foot exams at each healthcare visit, conducting daily self-inspections and wearing appropriate footwear. The company provided advanced wound care to more than 330,000 patients through its nearly 700 Wound Care Centers last year.