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News drives our industry. HME professionals read HME News because they have to. HME News is the only all-news resource for HME providers. Studies confirm that they turn to HME News as the best source of industry news. Staying on top of legislation, lobbying initiatives, regulatory changes, buying trends and products has never been more vital to their success. By providing critical news from all major market sectors, HME News is a resource the whole industry relies upon. Build your brand and your business by taking advantage of our marketing opportunities across media platforms.

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HME News is the monthly business newspaper for home medical equipment providers. This controlled circulation publication reaches 16,100 home medical equipment services providers, including traditional HME dealers & suppliers, hospital- and pharmacy-owned HMEs, mass outlets, distributors and manufacturers. Editorial coverage focuses on industry news, mergers and acquisitions, governmental and regulatory impact on the HME industry, and product reviews and industry trend coverage.

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The HME News web site features top news stories, HME News TV, blogs, NewsPolls, events calendar and more.

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A weekly email providing breaking HME news stories, updates on emerging trends and links to new blogs and videos.

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A monthly email compiling the most read stories from, keeping you up-to-date on essential news.

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A monthly email compiling the top 5 most viewed Mobility stories from, keeping you up-to-date on essential news.

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A monthly email compiling the top 5 most viewed Respiratory stories from, keeping you up-to-date on essential news.

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Fully-interactive online replica of the monthly print issue with customizable features.

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Associate your brand with the data the industry needs. Become a sponsor of the State of the Industry White Paper. This resource guide, exclusive to HME News, provides historical highlights of valuable industry data, mined from the DMERC's statistical repository, and reported to identify trends.

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A monthly email providing innovative HME products and services with photos, descriptions and links to manufacturers’ web sites.

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Emails highlighting HME products and/or services offered from manufacturers.